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5 Situations Where A Payday Loan Might Be The Answer

clock September 30, 2010 20:57 by author payday loans

Payday loans are not for every situation, but sometimes they can help you get out of a tough spot. Hopefully there aren't too many instances that you find yourself in need of immediate financial aid, but these situations arise more often than you would think, and they can happen to anyone! 

1) Car Repair - "Come on, Come on! Start!" ... We've all been there before, when your car gives out on you, it can seem like your whole life is crumbling. Now, you're stuck between paying for your car to get fixed and paying for your living expenses. Without a car, it may be hard to get to and from work, run errands, or pick up little Billy from soccer practice. A payday loan might be just the ticket! Thanks to, you can take out the cost of the repair and pay it with your next paycheck!

2) Home Repair - Keeping your living quarters comfortable and running smoothly can be a real job, and can sometimes be very expensive. Things break all the time. Air conditioners, refrigerators, dish washers, laundry appliances, etc. Washers and dryers breaking may not be the end of the world, but let me tell you, a Florida summer without AC is no joke. Picture this: It's the 4th of the month, 3 days after payday, and you've paid off most of your monthly bills and you're feeling proud of yourself. You're feeling proud of yourself but you're sweating and your AC is broken and your out of cash. Not only that, but its August and the low is 97.

Pretty miserable situation, huh? A fast payday loan could get you right out of that mess, and might actually save you money in the long run. Having a climate control device go out in certain climates can take a devastating toll on a structure's interior. The humidity can warp wood and cause mold to grow. An air conditioner should be repaired as soon as is possible, so a payday loan is a great solution.

3) Emergency Medical Expenses - Car crashes, fall injuries, and illnesses can come at very inconvenient times. Medicine can be expensive, even the copayment with insurance can be in the hundreds. Necessary dental procedures can be extremely expensive with insurance as well, and cost much more without. Sometimes these things need to be paid for though to avoid pain and suffering. Don't let a relatively small amount of money stop you from recovering to your normal healthy self.

4) Emergency Travel Expenses - Death or illness in the family can happen at any time, even when you're not ready for it. Sometimes we find ourselves having to pack our bags and make trips that we don't really want to make, that we weren't planning on. Sometimes we don't have a way for paying for these expenses at the moment. A payday loan can help with emergency travel needs.

5) Payment Plan Problems - If your credit is bad and your creditor has got you on a payment plan, you have to stick to the payment plan or else they will default your card and remove you from the plan. If they remove you from the plan then it is unlikely that they will give you another one. Even if you're not on a payment plan, your credit card may be defaulted and you need 6 months of regular payments before you can request your APR lowered. In situations like those, it's a little extreme, but a payday loan might work out for you. Say you have no money in your bank account, but you are due for a payment of $100 to your credit card. It would be your 6th month of ontime payments to your card and your APR could be lowered if you made it, but you just don't have the cash! Plus, if you don't make the payment they're going to charge you a $30 late fee! Time for a payday loan! With a payday loan you could take out $100 and expect to pay about $115 (ESTIMATED, your interest rate is dependent on wages and the amount of the loan among other factors) back. This is much cheaper than having to deal with the late payment fees and default APR.

Payday Loan

clock September 30, 2010 20:47 by author payday loans

Are you short on money until payday? If you need quick cash for unexpected expenses then we have a solution for you, even with bad credit or no credit!

Unexpected health-related and dental expenses, home repairs, car repairs, or necessary appliance replacements can pop up at any time. When you're hit with an expense and just don't have the money until your next paycheck, a payday loan might be just the thing that you need to get you through it.

A lot of places offer payday loans, but we can find an online payday loan that best matches your needs. Our job is to match borrowers to the lenders that are right for them. All you need is a job and a bank account to apply! Just fill out our quick and easy application, and you will be matched to payday loan lenders who can best meet your needs.

 If your loan application is approved, the lender will contact you to finish the process and talk about your interest rate, repayment schedule and the possibility of extensions.

In most cases, our payday loans are deposited directly into the borrower's bank account within 24 hours! We believe a quick transaction will help to get you started on tackling those financial needs!

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